About me

I'm Amanda James and I create fragrances and show them off in a line of gorgeously packaged eco-friendly luxury candles and diffusers, under the name Benni Rose.  I design and make all the products, in my small studio/lab in South West London. Benni Rose was launched in November 2019.

My background is in education, psychology and art. My own artistic outlet, and passion, is exploring scent and developing beautiful fragrances.  I launched Benni Rose products so I could share my fragrances as home-scents.


The fragrances are designed to reflect the subtle quality of scents from nature, yet have the strength to radiate a beautiful fragrance into any setting. I use oils of the highest quality and my fragrances take many months (sometimes over a year!) to develop. Currently, I offer my three signature scents (Flowers, Fig and Frankincense) as reed-diffusers and soya wax scented-candles, naturally eco-friendly.

My mission

To offer brilliantly performing, sustainable products for the discerning fragrance lover and appreciator of art and design.

I hope you enjoy Benni Rose products as much as I have creating them.

Amanda x